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Bro, do you even busy???

I had this nice long post I wanted about running websites and what not but thats clearly not going to happen. No, I ain't dead yet!  I just been surpisely more busy than I have even expected. I intended to upload a new layout, write a post and email out the request for judging on Oct 30 but life spiralled out of control and it did not happen. I have mentioned this a really long time ago but I have someone in my family with deteroriating health for the past couple of years. Nothing crazy happened, things are fine but I did have to schedule a visit and some other things. For the past couple of weeks, I had to catch up on assignments/missed classes and then I had like 6 birthdays to attend. Did some romantic movie/cd come out 10 months before the first week of November some 20 odd years ago? I know so many people born around that time LOL So basically, real life got the better of me and aside from making sure the site was online, I did absolutely nothing.

The contest results is, obviously, much delayed. My apologizes to everyone! I will try to intiate all the judging this week and hopefully we will have results at the start of December. The contest by no means is cancelled, I never cancel contests, especially if people have entered! The results will come, I will get them, please just give me some time. 

November's layout was skipped, no point in putting it up now, it will be moved to January. Our current (slightly early) December layout is up and running, courtsey of Lucien of Stars City. I did order a header from her all the way back in August to show some support for her new webstore. Having the header already made, made the designing process much faster! Its been a while since we had anything anime related, so quite refreshing.

Finally, I will try to clean out my blog roll sometimes soon, going remove some dead links and sites that haven't been updated eons.

Aside from that, I still have finals to study for and final projects to hand in mid December, no major updates will be coming any time soon.


Dec 2nd: Just so everyone is aware, judging is still not complete. I only have results from 2 judges so far plus myself. I still need to follow up and reply to emails. I would like the results to be out of 25, so 5 judges in total. Stay tuned folks! 


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Date: Nov 25, 2016
Mood: Exhausted 
Listening: Jealous - Keke Palmer
Watching: Lucifer 
Thinking: I need an additional 10 hours in a day
Reading: Cross the Line
Drinking: 3 Berrie Smoothie
Eating: Hash Browns
Playing: Pokemon Sun Gold
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- Mochi  

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