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Hello web surfer, you have found your way into Star-Drops.Org, the personal collective domain of Mochi. Here you will find the occasional blog post and a variety of personal creations including fanfiction, fanart, fanlistings, adopted pixels, etc.

You can also find free subdomain hosting here if you are looking for a casual webhost. Feel free to take a look around, leave a message on my cbox and check out my friends while you are at it. :)

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The Busy Bee

Wow time is flying by, I can't believe its already October! I been so busy this week because of upcoming midterms and assignments.  I finally got the chance to sit down and type! With the arrival October, we are also on a October layout, featuring Natallie Domer in this orangey/yellow fall themed layout. This layout is pretty similar to the previous layout but I nevertheless really like it!!  I wanted to do something non-halloween themed just because I am hosting a brand new header contest that is Kuroshitsuji themed. It is a little bit different from the previous contests that I have hosted in that I am planning to do judging rather a poll. I still haven't figured exactly who will be judging, I was hoping to recruit one or two of my friends and than maybe a couple affiliates as judges and everyone can just rate entries out of 5 for simplicity. Please join or check it out if you are interested! 

I am really hoping that I find some time in October to update and upload things around the site but chances are, I may become quiet for a bit just because my offline life needs more hustle! I cleaned out my blogroll, I removed any dead/deleted sites! I also added Robin as a new affiliate. 

I have a really major exam next week, I am sooo nervous because I need to do well on this exam.  Lets hope I do well ~ if I don't reply comments/messages these next couple of days or so, its because I am studying!  

Talk to everyone soon, meanwhile, I highly recommend this awesome new anime I watched recently called Bungou Stray Dogs, its action/adventure anime and got a rather intriguing story line, all the characters are named after famous literature figures in Japanese history! You can watch the trailer below: 



If you are interested in watching it, you can find all of season 1 on GoGo Anime. Season 2 is just beginning to air. Each season is only 12 episodes, short and well paced! 

Edit: We gained Shyre as a affililate and 1 new contest submission has been added, thanks Shyre for joining 


Date: Oct 6, 2016
Mood: Anxious 
Listening: Girls Like - Tinie Tempah ft. Zara Larsson
Watching: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Thinking: Study study study broken heart
Reading: City of Bones
Drinking: Sweet Tea
Eating: Soup
Playing: Pokemon Rocket Strike
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- Mochi  

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