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Always in a rush

Hey everyone! I hope you are guys are all doing great. I am making a quick update, I am going to extend the contest deadline from August 20th to August 26th.  I been trying to setup this poll php script and its not working for me, the voting button doesn't actually collect votes! So I might just end up using a free poll service like last time. I'm also extending the deadline because while I have photoshop kinda of working, its still a little wonky and I upgraded to later version. (I installed CS5 instead of CS2 this time) I want to make sure I can actually make the prizes so I giving myself a little extra time, hope you guys don't mind! 

Anyways I have a job interview on Monday.  Yes, I applied for other job. I just really can't sit around the house and do nothing. This time its a part-timer and only weekends, which is pretty sweet because I can probably carry on while going to school.  Its lab tech assisant job, the pay is decent and all I really do is clean up, check on samples, make small notes on the weekends while the actual techs are not at work. I really would like this job but quite a few people applied, some have better experience than me so I might not get it but I figured it doesn't hurt to try. Wish me luck! 

I been feeling quite restless lately, maybe its because I'm entering the 3rd year of college and I'm literally half way done! Sometimes I see other people sticking to their internships and sucking it up, trying to get a head start in eployment I wander if I should have too? Other people are planning to get married, got married or got sweet job deals already and I feel like I need to get a move on, do y'all ever feel that way? You see everybody on chapter 20 of their life and your still on chapter 10.  

I finally took a breath in and said, "Stop, stop, stop. You can't compare someone's else life to your own, the chapters are different lengths and most of all, different stories. Stop rushing, make each chapter in your life well written" 

Of course, just because I said that to myself, doesn't mean I don't feel the urgency. Honestly, if I had powers right now, I complete my degree, get myself a sweet job, move to a seaside city and buy a house. I have a goal and I want to just dash towards it!  The faster I want to move, the slower life seems and its not good for my mental health. At least I am aware of it and if I catch myself wishing to be in the same spot in life as someone else, I tell myself to focus on my own life. 

Things will come with time. But I still feel jittery , especially with the interview coming up. Gotta keep working on myself! 

New Affiliates have been added! Nicole and welcome back Alaina, I also have 2 new hostees, Amy and Jo, I am thinking of making a special page for hosting and stuff. We will see.

P.S. Voting begun for Infinity's contest, if you guys would vote for me, that would be great! 

Graphic Contest @ Chasing-Infinity




Date: August 18th, 2016
Mood: Grumbly 
Listening: Closer ft. Halsey - The Chainsmokers
Watching: Pokemon 
Thinking: Slow down! One step at a time
Reading: The Toy Makers
Drinking: Water
Eating: Sour cream and Cheddar Chips
Playing: Pokemon Rocket Strike
Icon From: Dorkistic 

- Mochi  

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