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Do you like me or just enjoy awkwardness?

Hey guys, hope all of you are having a good week. I been quite busy because of my internship, I work 9-5 but I have to get to the lab a hour early to do prep work so its more like 8-6! I super tired by the time I get home, between work and having a medicore social life, I'm finding hardy any time to work on my sites. When will Mochimitsu every come off hiatus?  lol That is beyond me, lets try to aim for the end of summer if possible. *sign* Anyways, I guess I'll blog about something (kinda of?) interesting thats happening at work right now. 

I started about 2 and half weeks ago and its going pretty good in my opinion. The people who work there are really nice and I have a mentor that kinda of overseen my work.  

There is this young guy that work there, he is around my age and its been kinda of interesting with him. I don't know if I am reading to much into things but I *feel* like he might like me. 

For example, on my first day there, he didn't talk to me all that much, but he made a point that whenever I was sitting at a computer, he would come sit down at the computer next to me. Literally, I sit down, he would sit next to me, not really doing anything and than when I get up, do something and sit at a different computer, he would come sit next to me again. I don't know, maybe he just happen to want to sit down at a computer next to mine? Out of curiousity, just to see if I was imagining things, I logged off, spung my chair around and faced other direction. And alas, he got up, stood in front of me slightly to the side like he was trying to get me to notice him. He just stood there, for like a solid 5 minutes than casually walked off. Wtf.

One time I was reporting my results to him as he took over for me but he would not make eye contact with me. He kept looking down and it made me feel super self-concious. Whenever we do lab value reports, he is always within earshot and always sit either across or next to me. He would be super friendly with everyone else in the lab but he would not talk to me. If I ask him a question, he promptly answers but he doesn't chat or talk to me otherwise.  Maybe...he actually dislikes me. Who knows to be honest. 

I am straight forward so part of me just wants him to talk or say something. So I'm not half guessing. Do you like me? Do you dislike me? Why are you so odd? Why are you always passively standing or sitting next to me but you won't make eye contact or even say hello to me. You know when someone else is kinda of tense and than it starts to  make you tense....That is literally what is happening right now, because he is so awkward, I am too! Damn it.  I am not even interested, I don't want to pursue anything outside of a professional relationship with people I work with.  

So there is part of me that also don't want him to say anything too because it would be even more awkward. Apparently I overheard some co-workers saying a few girls at the lab have a crush on him and that he really really  likes to party.

Yet, I have to work with him and our interaction is becoming more and more weird. I would try to make eye contact, he won't so I try to look down but than he makes an effort. He would sit next to me, I try to say hello, he makes a half hearted "how are you today"' before running off but than coming back to sit silently next to me. Its just so weird and I honestly don't want him to think my awkwardness is a indication I like him. I'm sure he is a  great guy but all I feel is discomfort, geezus, talk and act like a normal person with me, please. 

Thankfully our schedule isn't too similar and he isn't always in my lab.I don't know, this is just a feeling, maybe I'm reading into things too much. Eh. But that is literally the only interesting in my life right now, I mostly just look at petri dishes and count bacteria. LOL 

Aside from that, I have some new affies:, welcome Berrydust and My JellyBean 


Date: May 27, 2016
Mood: Sleepy blush
Listening: Into You - Ariana Grande
Watching: Game of Thrones
Thinking: Let me not work with him next week T_T
Reading: The Runner
Drinking: Water
Eating: Chocolate
Playing: Pokemon Vega
Icon From: My Little Wishes indecision

- Mochi  

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