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Patience is of the Essence

Hello everyone, hope you guys been well! I have some interesting update this time around! :) I been fairly busy the past couple of weeks since school has started and started cultures this week for my labs. I get this weird gitty feeling over smearing bacteria on a petri dish and watching them grow. Its like "Come'on babies! Grow for Mama!" Is that weird? That's pretty weird.

I am kind of torn right now what direction to take my degree and which co-op I want to do. I can either go with biotech microbiology, biochem microbiology or molecular microbiology. I'm kind of leaning towards biotech because I dabbled with smiliar jobs during the summer, its industry focused and I think has good job opportunties. However, I haven't taken molecular microbio courses yet and I am not sure if I might end up really liking it. I can apply for co-op starting now but maybe I should wait until I taken everything to decide. I am planning on talking to my academic counsellor and see if they offer good advice (a lot of times, they offer absolutely no good advice!). 

I won't get into too much boring detail but I also recently applied for a couple of government documents and its been weeks, they still haven't arrived. My the status of my applications are "still in progress". My god they are slow (like I feel like the government is one of the slowest agencies to deal with...). Everything is testing my patience lately!!  

I did make a few designs the last week! I made 3 new layouts! 

Type: CSS Template
Designer: Mochi
Demo || Download

Type: CSS Template
Designer: Mochi
Demo || Download

Type: CSS Template
Designer: Mochi
Demo || Download

They all feature Miranda Kerr, the PNGs were part of a few that I collected while searching for a image I wanted to use for this layout! :) They are in CSS template format so it will be easy to use since I know a lot of people do not understand the codes I use.

In addition, I decided to make some buttons for Star Drops! So I added 8 new animated buttons. I actually found myself enjoying animating them, its so much more fun. My personal fave would be... hmm...the blinking girl and the panda with the enlarged letters.  


I think I also wanna post a Youtube singer I been really enjoying. If y'all don't know this but I spend (waste?) a lot of time on Youtube. I been really enjoying William Singe's music lately, he got an amazing voice and a 90s RnB vibe. He recently signed with RCA records so I am sure he will be dropping a album in the future! Its really exciting to see youtube artist get signed, it means that people who work hard can obtain their dreams and do it themselves than hope a company agent picks you! While I doubt he is the next Frank Ocean or Sam Smith, he got a smooth voice and plenty of charisma. You can check out this latest remix of Ignition and Don't Mind. 

Well, that is about it. I'll end it by saying that I finished making and coding October's layout and have decided what contest I wanna host for Halloween! Stay tuned!

Also, cuz I felt like doing so, first person to comment have the opportunity to get a free personalized animated icon OR a animated button for their site.  Though you are free to pass it up, just include in your comment what you would like and what you want it to look like if you do want it. 


Date: Setpember 21, 2016
Mood: Impatient 
Listening: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
Watching: Nothing
Thinking: I'm gonna need a time machine
Reading: The Toy Makers
Drinking: Green tropical smoothie
Eating: KFC, how terrible broken heart
Playing: Pokemon Rocket Strike
Icon From: Sugar Graphics 

- Mochi  

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