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Hello web surfer, you have found your way into Star-Drops.Org, the personal collective domain of Mochi. Here you will find the occasional blog post and a variety of personal creations including fanfiction, fanart, fanlistings, adopted pixels, etc.

You can also find free subdomain hosting here if you are looking for a casual webhost. Feel free to take a look around, leave a message on my cbox and check out my friends while you are at it. :)

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Its June! and Mochi eats...Mochi!?

Hey folks, sorry for not getting around to writing the update until now. I been pretty busy with RL to be honest, lots of my friends are now free so any free time outside of work has been dedicated to hanging out. I watched X-men recently, don't want to spoil it or anything I would give it like a 7/10. The story line is kinda of meh but CGI is surreal. 

I have uploaded the new layout for June. It features Selena Gomez, I think it looks quite summery and good for June! :D It was made a few weeks ago, it was *almost* a premade but since I didn't get a chance to make a actual layout for Star Drops, this one got bumped. Hope y'all like it! 

Anyways, I decided to post something different this time around, I been trying to be more adventurous with food because I tend to stick to the same old flavours... strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, etc. I went to Chinatown this weekend and found these mochi, yes, Mochi is eating mochi (is that cannibalism?)!  They were 6 bucks in total, the price wasn't too bad. I got a black sesame flavored one and a peanut flavored one. There were other flavors like your typical matcha, strawberry fillings and a few that were really weird like yellow beans and salted something.





I liked the peanut one, it was really sweet but the filling was smooth, kind of like peanut butter but less buttery. The black sesame one was kind of gritty which I didn't like all that much. Both taste very processed to be honest, its not the same as the fresh mochi you can get at some asian/japaense bakeries which are delirious. I had the plain ones but also ones filled with red bean paste, chocolate and my favorite kind which is a matcha cream paste. 



No real updates to the site other than that! Some affiliates were removed since there sites were closed! Thats it. See ya, hopefully I can bring more updates next time. 

In the meantime, I am so sad about the fact that Mochimitsu is still down. *sign* As to when I'll get it back to life again is beyond me, maybe in July? 



Date: June 5th, 2016
Mood: Midly annoyed 
Listening: Send my love - Adele
Watching: Criminal Minds 
Thinking: Tomorrow is already Monday! Wah
Reading: Under His Roof
Drinking: Strawberry Pinapple Smoothie
Eating: Nothing
Playing: Pokemon Vega
Icon From: Kissed by Fire indecision

- Mochi  

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