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Hello web surfer, you have found your way into Star-Drops.Org, the personal collective domain of Mochi. Here you will find the occasional blog post and a variety of personal creations including fanfiction, fanart, fanlistings, adopted pixels, etc.

You can also find free subdomain hosting here if you are looking for a casual webhost. Feel free to take a look around, leave a message on my cbox and check out my friends while you are at it. :)

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Sleep is for the faint hearted

Hey y'all! Its already May and I have just manage to squeeze in this update while I eat my dinner at 10:30pm.  I am super exhausted as I have started my co-op, so I am basically working from 8-4 at the company I am doing the co-op at 5 days a week and me thinking I was a robot, also kept my part-time job. So i also work 6-10 M-T-W and also from 7am till 6pm on Saturday.  Sunday is the only day I have off and its usually the day I try to do all my chores, shop for groceries, try to have a social life. I'm tempted to give up my part-time job or only work Saturday but the extra money really helps, paying for things that I otherwise would go without (ie. my websites!) or would have to ask my folks to pay for. I'll see how long I can last doing this. 

Despite being quite busy, I still manage to binge w atch a few shows the past couple of weeks (because sleep is for the faint hearted)! I finally crossed of Yuri On Ice, Bungou Stray Dogs S2 and Boku no hero Academia off my list of to-watch! I also watched a few live-action shows, Riverdale and Legion. April marked the start of Boruto (a sequel about Naruto's kids!) and Boku no Hero Academia S2! I also really want to see American Gods, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and the upcoming show Defenders. Soo much stuff to watch. 

Otherwise, thats whats been going on. I did make a new layout May featuring the ever so pretty Selena Gomez. Its warm with a woody background which I quite like. I will end this post with a new song by Lana Del Rey that I am obsessed with right now:

Two of my favs collabing together. The song is so smooth, airy and romantic yet dark.

Currently ♥

Date: May 7th, 2017
Mood: Exhausted 
Listening: Lust for life - Lana Del Rey
Watching: Boku no Hero Academia 2 
Thinking: I need more time to watch TV!
Reading: The Ice Weaver
Drinking: Water
Eating: Perogies
Playing: Pokemon Sun Gold
Icon From:  Uncreative devil

- Mochi  

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