That took a while. :: 2017-Apr-01 :: posted by Mochi

Look! Mochi is still alive. Yes yes yes, I took a (unexpected) break from the web (well not really, I was still watching loads of youtube videos.... mainly just graphic designing) to sort out some real life stuff. After second semester started, a lot stuff suddenly happened out of the blues and I just did not have the energy or time for Star Drops. Its long and complicated, a lot of family related issues, health, finance, blah blah blah and I was stressing from school since this was my last semester before I will be doing my Co-Op. I'm doing a Microbio Honors degree and its very stressful to maintain my Honors as advancce thru the years. I been discussing with my advisor as to when I will start my Co-Op, either in the summer or in the fall and I decided to start it early so I as soon as I finish my exams, starting in May, my "employment" will begin. Its nothing that I haven't done already, its a lab and I will mainly be assisting with research and what not. 

Anyways, i needed to focus last semester so I really didn't do anything with Star Drops. I apologize for neglecting it so much and not replying to messages but I really needed to focus on real life, my degree kind of impacts my entire future so Star Drops took a back seat! I have final exams coming up but I feel better because I only have to focus on studying for exams, no more projects to worry about.

We do have a new layout, lol, does it resemble thing Mochimitsu would have? Its actually a layout for Mochimitsu that I ended up using here because...well I made zit for Star Drops the last couple of month. Its cute, its pink and springy.

I was tagged by Lucien do this Facts/Handwriting Challege, since I'm too lazy too write, I'll do what she did and just type the facts:

NAME :: Mochi
DATE OF BIRTH :: April 30th
FAVORITE TV-SHOW ::  Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, White Collar, Law & Order...anything crime really.
FAVORITE SINGER :: Lana De Rey, The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko...any smooth R&B
FAVORITE MOVIE :: Lord of the Rings series.... followed by Finding Nemo :)
FAVORITE BOOK :: Anything Lee Child
FAVORITE ACTRESS :: Jennifer Lawerence, Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick
FAVORITE ACTOR :: Johnny Depp, Charlie Hunnam 
WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW :: You don't know love - Olly Murs
WHAT QUOTE DESCRIBES HOW ARE YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW ::  “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde
WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX :: Netflix and Donuts my friend.
Hmmm I guess I'll tag Peach, Martin and Lisa, everyone else seems to already be tagged. 
Alright peeps! I'm gonna crawl back into whatever dark crawlspace I came from, night.

Currently ♥

Date: April 1st, 2017
Mood: Sleepy blush
Listening: You don't know love - Olly Murs
Watching: Criminal Minds
Thinking: Sleeeeeepppyyy
Reading: Sleeping Beauties - Stephen King devil
Drinking: Water
Eating: Popcorn
Playing: Pokemon Sun Gold
Icon From: Treasure Chest 

- Mochi  


Maroon Caludin at 2017-Apr-02

YOU LIVE! *tackles* XD

Also beautiful layout! winky.gif

Seems like lots has been going on! Remember to always put yourself first! OR ELSE!pissed.gif

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