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I offer a casual, FTP account subdomain hosting service for blogs, small graphic sites and etc. I am a very relaxed and casual host so I do not offer 24/7 support, file back ups, tickets or install scripts for you.

If you want a more professional web host who offer more guidance, availability and options than consider hosts such as Iceglow, Tetsunosuke or Snowblush.


What you get:

I only offer subdomain hosting at the moment. All applicants are screened as hosting here is conditional, please be sure to read the rules below prior to applying! Each website receive the following:

1. One Subdomain: OR
2. One FTP account (you do not have cpanel access)
3. Unlimited diskspace*
4. Unlimited bandwith*
5. Help/Assitance with the best of my abilities.
6. Online friend, I will visit your site whenever I can

*I do not restrict disk space or bandwith because my hosting package with Arvixe is unlimited but should this become a problem, I may give you a limit.


1. I do not install/fix scripts (ie. CuteNews, Icon Sort, etc) because 99% of the time you can install and reinstall to fix it yourself.
2. I do not create templates and stuff for your site (unless its a accepted request from Mochimitsu).
3. I do not teach from scratch. while I will try to help you, you must have basic FTP, HTML and coding skills. I just don not have the time to teach you from scratch.
4. You do not have cpanel access.

Rules and Conditions

1. No Illegal or stolen content whatsoever.
2. No slandering, hate sites or other rude replusive content.
3. Adult content must have clear warnings, no explictly pornographic or gruesome content.*
4. Reasonably active site (update every 3 month a min.)
5. Please link me back, you do not have to do it on every page.
6. Please drop by once in a while to say hello.
7. No massive mp3 or img files (ie.greater than 10MB) that take forever to load.
8. Do NOT share your account info/password with other people, I do not have the time/resources to fix hacked accounts!
9. You cannot be eternally under construction, your site must be open within a reasonable amount of time.
10. Back up your files, I do not backup files for you.
11. Please do not pretend to be mutiple people, its fine if you have more than 1 alias but identify yourself, its confusing and annoying.

*Mature content to some degree is okay such as a mature fanfiction, review of TV shows like Game of Thrones, etc but no explictly pornographic (ie. sexual photos) or gruesome content (ie. photo of a bloody head) is allowed.


Click here to Apply!