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Past Templates

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Version 14

Name: Summertime Love
Date:  June 2016 - July 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Selena Gomez
Blurb: I saw this PNG on deviantart and orginally made a premade out of it but since I had no designs planned for Jiune, i ended up actually using it for Star Drops. Its a summery layout, I liked the color combo, grey makes everything pop!

Version 13

Name: Beast in Blue
Date:  May 2016 - June 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi/Miria
Featuring: Aoi no Exorcist
Blurb: My Secret Santa header from Otaku Junk's Secret Santa event. Unfortunately the person who was suppose to work on my stuff never did and Miria stepped up to do their work! She made this awesome header for me and I converted it to a layout. bigsmile.gif I love love this anime so it was all swell. 

Version 12

Name: Flower Frenzy
Date:  April 2016 - May 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Willa Holland
Blurb: A bright flower-y layout for April, it features Willa Holland who plays Thea in Green Arrow, completely obsessed with superhero shows right now. I like this layout, it feels like some of the old lays of Star Drops.

Version 11

Name: Lights and Cameras
Date:  Mid March 2016 - Present
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Zendaya
Blurb: Since the last layout didn't quite work out, I had to make this one. Still featuring the lovely Zendaya, she deserves one more chance to feature, not fair if she didn't because I messed up the last layout! haha 

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