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Past Templates

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Version 10

Name: Girl in Bloom
Date: March 2016 - Mid March 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Zendaya
Blurb: I wanted a slightly different layout than per usual, this is somewhat of a thrown back design! I loved how Zendaya looked but the layout didn't last long, the content area was too small and everything was squished.

Version 9

Name: Cliche Valentine
Date: February 2016 - Present
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Gayoon
Blurb: A quick layout I made for February, very pink and girly looking though its quite the cliche valentine layout hence the name. A pretty simple layout to code too, I like it so far!

Version 8

Name: Lucky Blue
Date: January 2016 - February 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Lucky Blue Smith
Blurb: Lucky Blue! The model that is, is the feature of this royal and crisp blue layout. I really wanted to do a bright color against a dark back drop and this was the result. I also had my sights set on a layout featuring Lucky Blue, he is just blowing up everywhere.

Version 7

Name: Sweet Little Holiday
Date: December 2015 - January 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Unknown
Blurb: I wanted to do something since its the end of the year, this layout is different than my usual style of layouts but I do like the way it turned out. smile.gif It consisted just of different PNGs that I kinda of just slapped together to be honest. hehe

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