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Past Templates

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Version 18

Name: Harvest
Date: October - November 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Natalie Domer
Blurb: A very orange-y fall themed layout that looks similar to the previous layout. I really like how this way turned out, especially the way the textures blended. I again avoided a full blown halloween layout because of the contest I hosted! This layout lasted all the way into the end of November due to unexpected business on my part.

Version 17

Name: Downpour
Date: September 2016 - October 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Miranda Kerr
Blurb: The second version of "Down Pour", the first one I did not like all that much. This layout is similar to the one of Lucky Blue that I made several months back. I love a royal blue with a dark back drop! 

Version 16

Name: Care Less
Date:  August 2016 - September 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Bella Hadid
Blurb: A quick layout for August, I really loved a image pack I found of Bella Hadid ended up using some of my favorite photos to make this layout. Her pinned hair looked fantastic! It was simple blend with bits of blue here and there. Overall I really enjoyed this layout.

Version 15

Name: Wisteria
Date:  July 2016 - August 2016
Type: Center Table
Designer: Mochi
Featuring: Chloe Motrez
Blurb: A pretty lavender layout featuring Chloe Motrez, I added some angel wings to make it more etheral looking. Overall I really liked this layout but I will say, I wish I didn't use the grey background but something more dark. 

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